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I just got my insight back from a little trip to the dealership. They replaced the headlight switch/harness (recall, and the low-beams died about 6 weeks ago), the hand brake (recall), and the ECU (recall, and it has been throwing CELs at me for about 6 weeks).

Very nice folks over there! Very pleasant on the phone, and in person. And seem to have no problems dealing with a smart-*** that actually knows something about his car (me!).

They ordered the headlight switch recall kit, sight unseen, after i described the symptoms. After their automated parts system called me to say two parts showed up (the headlight kit and the handbrake kit), they had no problem ordering the ECU after i told them it could not be flashed to fix the problem, but had to be replaced, per SB ??? (thanx IC!)

So, after only one trip to the dealer, and three recalls performed, and a bill of zero bux, and two cookies (chocolate chip, thanx guys!), i have my little gas sipper back. Boy, i hated driving my father-in-law's Jeep wrangler to work yesterday. 20 mpg. 10 bux round trip. yuk!

Oh yeah. They didn't even mess with my over-inflated tires. Still at 50 psi.
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