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We all know about the G1s having water leaks, but today I was working on a G2 and I shop-vac'd about 3 gallons of water out of the carpet and the IMA compartment. I like how the G1 had the IMA higher up; the battery on this car was dangerously close to the water.

Anyway this car is a 2010 with no accident history. I inspected all the door seals they are looking fine. I did find that one of the wire harness grommet things where the hatch connects to the body was popped out, which would have let lots of water in. I popped it back into place. However there was also lots of water in the front 2 footwells. I am wondering if there may be a second leak somewhers.

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I had more than a liter of water under the passenger footwell carpet shortly after having my windshield replaced. It rained the day that happened, and the job was outsourced (without me knowing that) so for all I know they let it rain in or even towed it with no windscreen?!?

It stayed damp forever until I removed the mats and dried out the carpet using old towels and a lot of pressure. Even so, venting the footwells was necessary for months after to prevent fogging up.

Someone said the A/C could be leaking waste water into the cabin. That could be your problem, even if it wasn't mine.
Or something stupid like they moved and broke a big mineral water container.
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