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I got myself this Li-ion compressor and jump starter.

The compressor is the #1 application I got this for.
No more fiddling with the stubborn wire to the 12V plug on the Honda compressor which is very stiff when cold. No more fiddling with the screw-on nipple which always leaks; this one has a proper lever.
I pumped up some balls and all 4 tires. It pumps as fast as the original compressor and does not even begin to struggle at the 40 PSI I run the tires at.

And it can jump start the car, shine a light and charge my phone 7 times over.

Hardly any bigger than the original compressor that came with the tire sealant kit in the car.
It fits in the trunk floor compartment on the left. Not sure if it fits in the Styrofoam filler as I don't use that.
It is much smaller and lighter than the starter cables I took out of the trunk.
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