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LiBCM Open Beta: 47Ah FoMoCo Discussion

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This thread is for any and all questions related to the 47Ah LiBCM project during the Open Beta period.
I will also start publishing my development updates here.

This thread - along with the entire 47Ah FoMoCo project - is in early alpha testing.
There is QTY1 prototype unit running in my car.
Open Beta ETA: 2022, late November

Fill out this form if you want to join the Open Beta waiting list.

Fill out this form if you want to purchase converted FoMoCo modules from me.
FYI: You can purchase cheaper FoMoCo modules here, but then you will need to convert them yourself... and also those modules are untested, and might have physical damage (particularly to the module's unprotected bottom).

If your comment isn't specifically related to LiBCM's 47Ah FoMoCo variant, please post it elsewhere:
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Mudder, How many sets of batteries would you be sending to California? We can share the shipping cost and add a little extra so at least $25 per module shipped that would be more than enough to cover the shipping cost and then some.
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