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LiBCM Touch Screen Discussion

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This thread is for discussing any and all features for LiBCM's touch screen. No idea is too crazy!

For my R&D testing, I've purchased the $50 'enhanced' display, but my goal is to design the firmware to work on any 480x320 Nextion display (basic, discovery, or enhanced series). This display's viewable area is about the size of a credit card:

Once the Nextion firmware gets underway, I'll provide a Nextion 10' cable to anyone who wants one.

I don't expect to develop ANY Nextion features for several months. However, @Natalya expressed interest in possibly designing the Nextion firmware, hence I've started this thread as a public discussion for what we want the display to display.

Why Nextion?
I'm not committed to it... if you have other ideas, convince me why I should use them. Note that any display that will work with LiBCM must support all commands and graphics sent from a standard UART.
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I've been doing so well on old lidisplay with old libcm main that I'm afraid to guinea pig the merge :). Waiting till Mudder does the 'official' merge to main. Been gunshy ever since I toasted my pack.

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New LiDisplay has worked fine. No abnormalities compared to the old firmware.
I do need to report that with old and new I do not receive data during grid charging.
Detail - have seen gridcharging data twice. Not sure what I did differently when data displayed. I grid charge 5 days/week.


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LiBCM actually 1-indexes the cells (so the first cell is #1, and the last cell is #48).

Block 'B' (the middle module):
-is the only module that changes between 18S-/18S+/12S+ and 18S-/18S-/12S+.
-The physical direction of the cells depends on whether 'B' is 18S+ or 18S-.

If you're planning to add support for FoMoCo, then you'll need to plan for up to five 12S "blocks".
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