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Since there has been a continuing and renewed interest in understanding, modifying and improving the Insight IMA system I thought these links would be helpful. :)

Development of Integrated Motor Assist Hybrid System: Development of the 'Insight', a Personal Hybrid Coupe. ... =3&start=0

The above is the one to start with. It includes the overall design concepts used in creating the Insight. If your gonna try to change one of these you'd be tackling one of the fundamentals of the Insight's creation.

Battery Usage and Thermal Performance of the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight for Various Chassis Dynamometer Test Procedures. ... =1&start=0

Thermal Evaluation of the Honda Insight Battery Pack. ... =3&start=0

Several other technical papers are also available at:

search on "Honda Insight" (include the double quotes)

HTH! :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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