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For sale: 2000 Honda Insight with less than 49,500 miles on it
$8,500 obo.
Originally from Oklahoma.
Currently in Madison, Wisconsin.

Very low VIN. #0159
I've only heard of a handful on IC that were under #0200.

Runs as it should. Shifts as it should.
IMA working as it should.
Hood and roof are clearcoat-less due to Southwestern sun.
Check out the pictures via the link at the end of this post to see much more about the interior, engine compartment, and more.

This specific car has a cool history.
It was the first gasoline hybrid car in Oklahoma, purchased New by Phillips Petroleum in 2000 for evaluating consumer appeal of hybrids. The graphics on the bumpers and rear are branding from Phillips. Article about it comes with the car.

Later the car was owned by the University of Tulsa, which added its own logos on the doors.

The original window sticker is included and some awesome cassettes that were in the glove box. Bonus mixtape as well!

While the car isn't perfect, it is a numbers matching original car with less than 49,500 miles.

I have additional parts to replace some of the faded or flaking ones (driver mirror, interior door handles, etc) that we can discuss as a separate sale.

I left it as I bought it so you can decide how to proceed.

As you know, Insights will run for hundreds of thousands of miles. This one's journey has barely begun.

Additional bonus: when/if I plan the next InsightFest, your registration fee will be paid by me.

Call/text me to discuss this car further.

Looking forward to giving this car a new home.

Link to 60+ photos
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