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I am considering a 2001 with 10,000 miles original what are the pros and cons of this year?they are asking 16,000 for it. drives nice hasn't been smoked in ,5speed, one owner. I am comparing this to ordering a new one.

Thanks for your reply

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In general no differences.

Specifically there were a few _early_ 2000 and maybe into 2001 recalls (lasts the lifetime of the car until performed. Read: you don't get to double-dip ;) )

Passenger airbag comes to mind. (recall, up to a limited production number, not the 01 model whole year)

But the _BIGGEST_ difference will be the BCM & MCM "updated" versions that Honda _highly_ recomends with IMA battery pack replacement. Basically better battery management. _Some_ 02 models should have these already factory installed. Your only assurance is in the 03 and later models that they will have been factory installed. Close to $2000 worth of "computers". :shock:

According to SB 04-028 if your IMA batteries fail within the 8/80k warranty period and these controllers are not the later versions then they will be replaced with the pack. When the batteries reach their end of service life and your outside of warranty its anybody's guess now if Honda will pay at that time in the future. Up'til now Honda has been generous with their goodwill warranty and covering these items beyond their official limit. ... 7&start=45

HTH! :)
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