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My Blue Hurricane 2001 Gen 1 is still running well at 191,000, but she's got a few war wounds that need fixing.

The hood is full of stone dings, both front doors have suffered my amateur attempts to repaint them, and the rear plastic bumper got pushed in from a parking lot accident. So I'm looking for replacements in reasonable shape.

Either that, or I'm going to have to have the car professionally repainted.

I'm also looking for a Gen 1 5-speed parts car to keep Hurricane running.

A dead, blue 2000-2006 Gen 1 in the Northern-Central CA area would fill both needs nicely. I can trailer it for pickup. Or a dinged up one of any color for non-body parts.

Anyone know of a shop in the area that can repaint with the original primer, main coat, and clear coat, so that the paint job will last?
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