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I have been reading these forums for a while. I have been looking for a used Insight, and have seen a couple with a little over 60K miles. Have been a little reluctant to buy them with that many miles. I plan to use it for commuting to work in the city. What do you think? One was at a dealer and had had the CEL issue, and they didn't mention the ECM recall or the EGR. This latest one is owned locally but has had about 40K miles put on in the last 2 years and the paint on the hood is very worn. Like they never washed/waxed until they tried to sell it, so I don't think it will look good down the line. Also, should the battery stay close to charged most of the time or does it stay in the middle when driving? This one seemed to get in the mid 50's mpg on the computer. Both of these have been 5 speeds. To get something with lower miles, I will have to search and travel I think. Give me your best advice, folks. Also thinking about the CVT after the drive today as well.
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Mid-50's mpg isn't unreasonable in city traffic, or for a driver who isn't used to maintaining a lean-burn cruise. Once you get used to the Insight, mileage like the EPA estimates (60-70 mpg) is not difficult to obtain. Doing better (70+ mpg combined) is possible, but you typically need to be doing lots of highway driving.

Worn paint on the hood is an odd one. I would keep looking.
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