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Hi there,
I've lost the wheel nut key for my wonderful Insight :eek: I've been told they are unique to every vehicle. Is this correct? And either way, what is my best/ cheepest way to get the tyres off (I have to replace all 4 tyres).
Many thanks!

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Oh dear. No idea if they are unique to each car sorry.

If you drive the car to Auto-Tech Thirsk on Monday at about 2.30pm I will be there for about an hour along with an Insight and several wheel nut keys for you to try.

If we don't have one that fits I'm sure we can advise or Donald at Thirsk Tyre and battery across the road may be able to help.


Post a good picture close up pic of one of your locking wheel nuts...

I will also bring four spare normal wheel nuts in case we have to damage yours to get the locking ones off.

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If they didn't they will have now.

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Are the locking nuts round? I recently lost the key to the McGard nuts on my Miata. I found a socket that *almost* fit over the round nut. I banged it on with a hammer and unscrewed the nut easily. There are plenty of YouTube videos demonstrating this.

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