I don't know if one was ever made, I'm looking for a louvered cover for rear hatch, I live in Jacksonville FL, and my 2002, cvt insight sits in our side most of time, maybe some knows of one for another car or something that can be moded to work. It would be like the one available for the mid 80's camero except, for maybe a 240 z car or the like. Thank you,,,(
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You can checked with Mike, he has it available. You can confirm from him, his contact is (240) 452-1319 I purchased items from him in the past and they arrived in top condition.)... received this message, talked to guy, paid guy, then Edwards09 account closed, and now guy won't return my texts or calls. Needless to say, I think I was taken. I do believe God will deal with him, but, if its not someone you know, protect yourself, PayPal, and not friends and Family, no matter what the excuse.