Hey all...I've decided it's time to find a low mileage Insight...after owning four of them with varying mileage in the last two years I've realized there is a huge difference between a car with 200k miles, 100k miles, and 50k miles. Yes bushings and suspension and etc. can be replaced on a higher mileage car but there is the appeal of a low mileage "fresh" car that has become interesting to me as my appreciation for these cars grows and I realize I will likely always own at least one going forward...that said I'm in no rush but if anyone in the southeast has such a car you're thinking of parting with I'm going to be casually hunting until I find one. Thought I'd put out a feeler here along with a few other spots. When I say "low mileage" I mean under 100k miles.

Holler at me if so, thanks!