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Hi All:

___Now that the 2004 Low Sulfur (LS) gasoline std.’s are in place for most of the country, I have been asking my local stations if they know what the sulfur content of their fuel is. The local Shell, Speedway, and Marathon attendants don’t have a clue as to what I am speaking of. I have looked up various discussions on the web and the only item that keeps popping up is that the Premium - Amoco Ultimate (now BP) has the equivalent of 30 ppm sulfur content or less. It has been this way since early 01 by my reads. Here in the Chicago area, we have had the absolutely worst fuel in terms of sulfur content for years and will finally receive the better LS mix but I am not willing to pay an extra $0.40/gallon for it from the BP Premium pumps. With the new std.’s in place, I should be able to find 150 ppm or less LS gasoline without too much trouble from anyone but none of the attendants I have spoken with has a clue as to what their particular fuel contains?

___Does anyone have a link or know that Shell, Marathon, or Speedway are offering 30 ppm LS gasoline from all of their pumps in my area currently?

___For those having the infamous CAT code pop later in your Insight’s life, you can sometimes get it to go away by running LS gasoline at higher temps (high RPM’s for a rather lengthy period of time including no Lean Burn) to clean them out. If you stick with LS gasoline afterwards, you shouldn’t have any emission related problems in terms of sulfur coating the catalyst in the converter.

___Not only is this a great advance in terms of lowering emissions from our Insight’s, it will help the rest of our automobiles as well …

___Thanks in advance.

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.
___[email:20djvk0c][email protected][/email:20djvk0c]
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