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I've been testing a new idea today and had to go shopping for essential supplies.
So I took advantage for a brief road test to the shop and back.

Basically the idea is implement a completely fixed voltage system.
I did this when I was using supercaps and it worked very well.

There are a few caveats.

The fixed fake voltage has to be >150V or the car won't IMA start.
Probably something around 155V will give good reliability and performance.
It bypasses start up and shut down checks the system does regarding stuck or faulty contactors.

It's easy to implement and does away with the HV connection from the actual battery to the BCM Fooler.
The BCM fooler gets it's HV from being reverse fed from the MCM HV connection.

We implement a 150V voltage source using 3 x 48 dc-dc converters inside the MCM and attached to the MCM HV connector from the inside.

We implement a simple relay controlled RC charge/discharge circuit for the VPIN detection with the switch on rise of voltage and hold it at 150V or whatever we set.

I'll post a video later of it on the bench.
Ran out of dc-dc converters as blew a couple yesterday due to spikes and back emf etc.
Solved with a flyback diode across them.

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Sounds like a viable option, but is it better in some way than the previous approach using the voltage doubler??
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