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LRR Tires, questions

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Yes, there are numerous threads discussing different tire sizes and models. I have even done my own experimenting, with mixed results to say the least. I have decent knowledge of tires in general.

My questions are: (finally)

What is a Low Rolling Resistance Tire? At what threshold of rolling resistance is a tire now deemed LRR?

Is there any source that shows the rolling resistance of current tires?
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LRR would be hard to measure or at least rate without one person using the same method along with many different tires. And the key difference would be tire pressure.

The stock Insight tires might be called LRR but put 32psi in them.. For that matter put 52psi in any tire, mount it on a 1800lbs car and it would probaly be LRR.

My .02 is that Tire companys make tires to be used on normal cars. IE cars that weigh at least 1000lbs more than the Insight. So the tire they make/design has to handle the weight at Xpsi. Put the same tire on the Insight and the PSI could be increased above the max.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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