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LRR Tires, questions

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Yes, there are numerous threads discussing different tire sizes and models. I have even done my own experimenting, with mixed results to say the least. I have decent knowledge of tires in general.

My questions are: (finally)

What is a Low Rolling Resistance Tire? At what threshold of rolling resistance is a tire now deemed LRR?

Is there any source that shows the rolling resistance of current tires?
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Thanks for the replies, and that reinforces what I had thought:

There is no such thing as "Low Rolling Resistance." There are only tires that have lower resistance than others, on the rolling resistance continuum.....

I guess one way to tell if a particular tire is more efficient is to look at whatever models are OEM for high-mpg cars, eh?
Reviving this thread with a link I got off the Honda Hybrid yahoo group:

Has some interesting info, and also snow tire recommendations. Unfortunately, does not mention our OEM tires, or GY Integrity that some are considering.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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