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That cable is probably ok. Usually recommended is superflex cable, but there won't actually be much flexing of the LTO main cables - not like the engine ground straps. That cable probably has higher gauge and fewer strands than the superflex. You will need to determine which crimp terminal to use - likely 4AWG but that is a guess. Just strip back a bit of insulation and measure the conductor diameter with a caliper or micrometer. You should find charts on the internet relating diameter to gauge.

I think you will have to be careful to make 7' work. build the cables one at a time to their termination points so as not to waste any cable.

Later: The pack layout that I used resulted in the minimum total cable lengths that I was able to find. I think you have pictures of that, and if not, it is in my build thread.

You would probably be best served to start your own build thread. Stuff gets lost and doesn't "search" well when you include it in the threads of others. JMO.
721 - 721 of 721 Posts
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