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Made it back from the Madison, Meeting.
Met some more nice folks. Had a ball. Glad to see some old faces. Mike, Wayne, Randall, Chuck, Bob etc.

The event was great. Well organized, and enough going on all the time to keep from geting bored. It was fun being a spokeperson for the Hybrids, and even though the hours were long, it was well worth it.
The general public received the Hybrids with open arms and tons of questions and picture taking. I even visited with the reporters which goes against my "grain".

I was first out on the Mileage Challenge (New Guy=Throw Down) I used a navigator and drove my car as it had arrived from the trip, even used my NASCAR hat..
Billie, Wayne, and Randall kicked butt on the mileage challenge. I only managed 86.7mpg.........but............set a record for the "quickest" on the course. (Sorry guys I'll learn pluse and glide for next year.)

I hope there are more posts forth comeing from the others who were there. And a link for pictures!

The Madison Hybrid Group deserve a well earned.....THANK YOU.
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