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Hello Madison Hybrid Group members and friends!

Next Saturday, November 8th, is the final MHG meeting of 2008. 10:00 am - Noon.

To change things up, once again, we will be taking the meeting on the road.
This time we will be at Smart Motors Toyota at 5901 Odana Rd. in Madison. John Dolan, their hybrid expert will provide us a tour of the facility as well as explaining the green features that have incorporated into the building. He will also give us his thought on the upcoming Toyota hybrids.

Meet us at the dealership.

Saturday is a regular sales day for the dealership, and they would like to set aside a parking area for our club, so please RSVP letting me know if you will be coming so that we have enough spaces. Thanks!

November Madison Hybrid Group meeting
10:00am - Noon
5901 Odana Rd
Madison, WI

  • Pre-meeting banter in the parking lot and customer service lounge
    Tour the dealership
    Hybrid and alternative fuels news (Feel free to bring your own as well!)
    Hybridfest 2009
    Future Madison Hybrid Group meeting location(s)
We look forward to seeing you there!

Future meetings:
January 10, 2009 Regular MHG Meeting - 10-noon – Location TBA
March 14, 2009 Regular MHG Meeting - 10-noon - Location TBA
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