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Hybrid Car Meet-up and Parade Saturday September 4th
Sauk City/Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin
Start time: Meet-up at 9:00 am; Parade at noon.

Meet-up – Festivities – Parade

Come to beautiful Sauk City, WI and spend the morning with hybrid car owners. At noon, you can help spread the word about hybrid cars by featuring your vehicle in the 30th annual Wisconsin State Cow Chip Throw Parade.

As with all Auto Group events, this event is open to anyone with an interest in hybrid cars; owners, non-owners, and owners-in-waiting.

We know you’ve always wondered about the Wisconsin State Cow Chip Throw, but needed a respectable reason to attend. This is it! Bring a “positive” attitude and be ready to get “charged” up. We promise you won’t have to actually throw a chip, but if you want pointers, there is a cow chip throw champion in our midst.

We hope you can join us and look forward to seeing you there!

Eric Powers Auto Group

Detailed timeline of the day’s events:

9:00 am Meet-Up

Meet in Sauk City to spend some time socializing and sharing/comparing car info. Those who can’t make it for the 9:00 meet-up can still participate in the parade by coming to the staging area later.

10:00 am Festival activities
Head over to check out the actual cow chip throw festival; art/craft fair, kids petting zoo, old time games, etc. Kids can throw a cow chip from 9:00 am until noon. Adults have to wait until after the parade!

11:00 am Proceed to the Staging area
Drive your car to the parade staging area. Prior to heading over, be sure to grab some lunch to eat. Those attendees not participating in the parade will cheer the group on from the parade route sidelines.

Noon Parade
The parade generally lasts one to two hours. We have a unique idea for something to toss to the crowd that’ll cost less than candy, and will be more poignant, too. Ask about it when you RSVP.

* * * * * *
To attend this event please RSVP via email or PM by Wednesday September 1st

Please include
- The number of people attending
- The Color, Year and Model of your car. (i.e. Red 2002 Insight)
- The name of the city you’ll be coming from

Also, please indicate whether you are interested in participating in:
- Only the Meet-up or,
- Only the Parade or
- Both events.

Lastly, if you would like to help coordinate this event please let us know.

You are responsible for purchasing your own lunch.
Throwing candy at the parade is optional and at your own expense.

Never heard of the Wisconsin State Cow Chip Throw?
See their official website
If there is severe weather, this Auto Group event will be cancelled.
Participants will be notified via email.

Please email me if you have additional questions.
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