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I guess your topic should read MAF or MAP :?:

MAF - Mass Air Flow sensor

MAP - Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor

The Insight and all Honda models to date (when applicable) use a MAP.

Air mass (weight) can then be "interpreted" based on MAP, TPS (throttle angle), IAT (intake air temp), ECT (engine coolant temp), throttle body bore size, and the "known" flow dynamics of the system.

This air mass must be "known" to correctly meter the right amount of fuel, then the feedback from the O2 sensors can fine tune the values, dynamically.

A MAF sensor must be in-line with intake air to "interpret" the mass of air entering the engine at any given time. Most Japanese and domestic use a MAF type system for their multi-port injected engines. Each system has its trade-off's.

Perhaps the weakest part of a MAF system is that if the MAF gives bad data then the entire system is significantly effected (read bad driveability). A MAP system has the ability to "self check" better (read better driveability with single sensor failures). I also suspect that a MAF system can be made cheaper overall.

Sorry, there is no mixture control motor as it applies to the fuel system.

HTH! :)
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