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Honda pulls the plug on CNG vehicles
Honda's wholly-owned compressed natural gas refueling company - Fuelmaker -
has stranded thousands of businesses worldwide with its baniruptcy.

Forklifts, Zambonis, and personal vehicles are affected.
Monday, April 06, 2009, By Edwin Black

Amidst charges that embattled American Honda is systematically suppressing
its compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle program, the company has suddenly
fueled that impression by throwing into bankruptcy its wholly-owned CNG
refueling company, Fuelmaker.

Toronto based Fuelmaker was arguably the lynchpin of CNG's future as a
bridge solution to alternative fuel. The firm manufactured and distributed
the essential refueling appliance that allowed home-based and fleet
refueling of CNG vehicles, including the Honda Civic GX heralded as the
"greenest car in America".

rest (watch for line wrap):
Honda pulls the plug on CNG vehicles | Spero News
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