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I need a few current boost PCBs so I'm going to have another batch made. Would anyone be interested in buying some? What's a fair price shipped? I assume most everyone is in North America since that's where these cars went. I could ship them with BCM resistors too, but I don't have many of the larger fuses left.

I might be able to get some US and/or Mexican made fuses which are a bit better specs than Littelfuse, but that would be a separate group buy if there's even any real savings.

I don't think I was on this forum at the time, but I plan to use the same 0.1%/25ppm or better resistors and the same combo slide switches as before. No DIPs to squint at, no chance of accidentally missing one. Improved PCB layout for EMF, FWIW. Not that I think there would be much difference on this board, but it's good practice. I hope to use a USA fab shop. Not sure if I'll have them assemble or do it myself since it's very simple.
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