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Manual forced Auto-Stop

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There have been alot to times I've been cruising up to a red light when I wished I could force the car to autostop before 20mph.

Has there been a mod to do this (I couldn't find it) or has anyone thought about it?
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No one to my knowledge has tried/tested it, but I am pretty sure if you take the speedometer lead into the ECM and, let's say, build a simple circuit that cuts the pulse rate in half, Auto stop will happen at much higher speed. There might be side effects, it may trigger the CEL. But It will also remove the 113 MPH fuel cut.

(Jumping slightly off tangent onto a pet peeve.)
Honda could have put in an button which, if certain conditions are met, would do autostop. It would save gas on long delecerations and let you coast down long hills with the motor off. They did not because there is a general phobia against adding any controls that deal actually driving the car. Buttons for windows, mirrors, seats, etc.etc, but no trigger or paddle that lets you control the IMA seperately from the gas engine. So they put a computer in charge and let it guess what to do based on it's limited inputs. And we have to put up with it that 5-10% when it guesses wrong.
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