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Hello everyone!

I've managed to get the HV Battery Usable Capacity percentage with a cheap bluetooth OBD2 reader and the Car Scanner app for iOS. The app says that the Usable Capacity is 75% which is odd given my G2 Insight is 12 years old with 140k miles.

I think Peter Perkins mentioned that the maximum possible capacity of a new NiMH battery pack is 75% so maybe Car Scanner is just throwing a default percentage?

Has anyone else tried Car Scanner for iOS to measure the Usable Capacity of a Gen2? What results did you get?


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I think we have had this before where we suspect the info is not accurate.
Look at the battery coolant temp 82C

The G2 doesn't have any battery coolant so that's the first error.
Second 82C that's melt down IMA fault territory.

Various other parameters on that list look weird.

It might be right, but treat it as suspect unless verified..
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