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Meetings in the U.K.

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Are there any insight meetings in the U.K.? The Silver Streaker will know!!
(I hope 8) 8) )

Greetz Windmill
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Sorry, no Insight meetings that I know of - but I have been thinking about organising a get together for this spring / summer. If I arrange some free food and booze that might help tempt the UK Insighters to get on the road :D .

Perhaps if a Flying Dutchman came over to the UK in a few months time it might be worth organising. :wink:
I'll be there!!! Let me know!! 8) 8)

Greetz Windmill
OK - I will organise a UK Insight gathering in May or June before the holiday season. I will pay for lunch and drinks for Insight drivers and their partners. :D

I think we should aim to meet up in the centre of (southern) England, for example to the west of London on the M4 corridor. I will research places to meet up & eat but would welcome ideas. I will PM or e-mail UK owners on this Forum nearer the time.

Looks like we will have a Flying Dutchman joining us 8) ; will anybody else be over in the UK on holiday?
Well, as I sad, I will be there with my wife 8) 8)
Always nice to meet fellow addicts :D

Greetz Windmill, the Netherlands.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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