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Is there a specific path that mice can get into the passenger compartment of a Gen 1 Insight? The rotten vermin built a nest right behind the battery pack enclosure. :mad::mad::mad:
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Afaik 3 main spots to check:
1. Engine air intake and engine air filter box
2. Passenger air intake, which is under the windshield wiper shroud and extending to behind the glovebox, including the blower fan and cabin air filter cavity
3. Most likely for your situation, the 2 rear air outlet flaps underneath the rear bumper has easy access into the spare tire well and IMA bay. These are entrances are rubber flaps that open when you slam the car door. I'm not sure if a mouse could open them without damage shown, in my case there was a 1" round hole chewed in one of the flaps.

I have screening blocking all 4 of these entrances around the car, it's well worth the time to install.
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