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Is there a specific path that mice can get into the passenger compartment of a Gen 1 Insight? The rotten vermin built a nest right behind the battery pack enclosure. :mad::mad::mad:
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Rodents are (one of) the bane of my existence here in the high-desert country of NM. We also have packrats, but they tend to do things like build giant nests of dog poop and cactus on top of any engine left unstarted for more than a week! Our rock squirrels can do damage but don't nest inside of cars fortunately... they seem to limit themselves to underground burrows.

My partner's 02 Accord has a "death rattle" in the cabin fan nearly every year from one (or more) mice crawling in, dying and getting mummified in the "squirrel cage" fan. It is awkward but I have learned the procedure for removing the (interior) fan-shroud and removing the mummies, usually in early summer when she turns on the AC.

My 01 Insight used to always show signs of mouse visitation, but never a nest inside... possibly because I drove it (nearly) every day, or because my property has so many other attractive places to build nests. The hints here of where they might be entering would have been very useful "back in the day" when I still had mine. I sometimes felt like I should set up 4 pans of water in my driveway to park with my wheels in, but I know the little buggers can leap!
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