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I have a 1985 Dodge Omni GLH, it made 290WHP couple years ago. I was experiencing electrical issue with my car and decided it isn't worth my time to troubleshoot the issues, since there is only two possibilities, computers or wiring, none is available new. Wanting to keep the car, aftermarket ECU is the only option and Megasquirt / Microsqurit sounded so good.

For simplicity sake I went with batch firing injectors and waste spark ignition system, so the compact\slightly cheaper Microsquirt would work fine for me. I will only need one crank sensor and a 36-1 wheel welded to my crank.

So, the my Microssquirt input/outputs are the following.

Inputs are:
crank/hall sensor
coolant temperature sensor
air temperature sensor
throttle position sensor
ethanol sensor
o2 sensor
manifold absolute pressure sensor
knock sensor
a/c sense wire

Outputs are:
idle control
two set of Ignition coil
two set of injectors
a/c cut off relay wire
fan relay wire
fuel pump relay wire

Megasquirt has more options I'm sure, but I don't need them, why pay for them?

I have around $1000 into parts easy, Microsquirt ecu, 8 ft harness, E85 sensor, 36-1 wheel, crank sensor, uninsulated butt crimps connectors, heat shrink, crimping tool, relays, fuel boxes, fuses, E85 quick connectors, QuadSpark Ignition Module, 420a coil, 420a plugs wires, misc wires, sensors connectors, injector resistors, welding 36-1 to my crank, sheet metal screws, tuner studio, and etc.

Test Mounted.

All needed wires labeled.

Made bracket for crank sensor, using metal from the shifter bracket on top of the transmission. Will have to reinforce the bracket after the crank is welded to 36-1 wheel.

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Some people have coil on plug, I have coil on distributor!

Mounted my 420a coil on my distributor, after taking all the moving parts out of the distributor.

After some long hours, the car started on Microsquirt yesterday. :D

I still have a lot to do but just hearing it start again was worth it.
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