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Miles and Troubles

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Greetings Insight owners, I'm considering purchasing a pre-owned Insight and had a couple of questions. I searched here and read for a couple of days and could not find the answers.

1) How many miles have you owners been able to put on an Insight before the batteries died? Or how many miles have you been able to drive past the warranty with no problems? I know there is an 8 year 80k warranty.

2) Any other troubles? I saw posts about the IMA that appeared to be a recall part in 00 to 02 and should be under warranty.

My situation is I drive about 40K per year so I will be out of warranty on a used vehicle quick. Thanks in advance for your advice.

Mike, Jacksonville, Florida
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2002 or later

Howdy, welcome to the group.

In my meager opion, without any 'proof' by some, I think you'd come out OK to get a 2002 or later model. Seems that every IMA system failure (including my own car failing at 104,000) seems to fall into the 2000 and early 2001 group. Seems later mods got the bug out and the IMA last way longer. If you can find one still under the 80,000 warranty, grab it.

That recall covered the control modules.

Good luck.
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