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Minor4326 LTO Conversion

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I wanted to document the layout and external (Peter) boards I use, my questions and the answers I received as well as my build techniques. This current thread starts out with old posts from several threads.

Before I started my project I studied jime build threads JimE LTO Conversion JimE LTO Conversion and LTO Layout #2 LTO Layout #2 Since then I’ve used ideas from Natalya LTO Conversion thread

Here’s jime’s diagram of the plate I copied in which to mount the three LTO packs. I modified it at the red line and used the red dimensions so it would fit easier.

Drawing Technical drawing Parallel Line Diagram

I used .25 x1 1/2" (Metric equivalent) fine thread for hold down bolts on the LTO packs.. That gives a 12mm head and fits through the spacers and holes in the tabs.

Since I have not made the final install yet I have made two choices for spacers: 1 1/8 x1/2 diameter aluminum spacers with 1/4" holes. Since alignment of all this is difficult, I used slightly larger holes, like 5/16 holes. I also have 1” hollow, square aluminum tubing with holes drilled in the appropriate locations. I used a piece of wood as a transfer template for hole locations.
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You must be retired, excellent work,minor,looking forward to seen you and the guys ,hope we meet up soon,
Those 3 sensors may be going bad. Have you swap the transmission in this car. Been in any small rear or front end incidents.
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