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Missing left fender skirt/spat really ruins your gas mileage

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Last weekend, I drove my 2000 Insight from Las Vegas up to the Monterey Bay area in Calif. Somewhere crossing the Mojave on Hwy 58, the front fastener came loose, 75 mph air got behind it, and it was literally ripped away from the car. As you can see from the picture, the rear fastener is still intact, holding the tiny back corner of the skirt, and the skirt itself was ripped in two.

I was very surprised at the degradation of MPG from this. I was getting 73 mpg up to that point, and after that, averaged 51.2 mpg the rest of the trip there. I was also bucking a head wind, and there were times I had to put the car into 3rd or 4th gear in order to keep the car moving forward without draining the battery. With the huge hole in the side of the car, I'm thinking the drag coefficient went from .25 to .50 [jk], but the car was a mess to drive. On the way back I got 52.6 mpg, still better than either of the other two cars we own.

I'm the original owner of the car - bought in December 1999 - and it has 105k miles on it and is in near mint condition. I use it all the time for trips like this, and it has always performed flawlessly.

I've posted a WTB ad looking for a new one if anyone has a silver (or not) one in reasonably good condition they'd like to sell: Driver's side rear fender skirt, preferably silver

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