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Do you mean this screw?

Do you mean this one? Where part numbers 6/7 are indicated on the diagram? ... y5=BUMPERS

There are in fact three screws which hold the front strake (the black rubbery air flow piece refered to in the diagram) onto the inside front bottom of the bumper in the wheel arch area.

On both my cars the inner two screws were fitted correctly, but the outer one's, I believe the one you are reffering to, did not go through the section of bumber and inner wheel arch guard to grip correctly at the rear. So they weren't actually doing anything anyway! If the one on your other front wheel is in situ correctly you could look at it at the back to see how it is fitted, remove it and take it along to any fastner shop and use it as a pattern. If I remember correctly it's a fairly small self tapper which should cost virtually nothing.

Both my cars had obviously driven many thousands of miles with this screw inserted incorrectly with no ill effect, in fact it's actually pretty difficult to get it to grip the captive thread thingy at the back after passing through the strake, bumper and guard, which is why I imagine most are not correctly assembled :( and the inner wheel arch protector flaps around a bit at this bottom corner.

It might also mean the bumper has been taken off in the past and they could not get that screw back in.

I certainly would not worry about it, but have a fiddle if you like everything right like I do ;)

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