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I wanted to raise awareness that if your underbelly panel is missing, or you powerwash your engine, water can reach the EPS torque sensor, mounted around the steering column in the engine compartment, and cause it to fail. This is documented on several threads, particularly this one:

I am in the process of troubleshooting this now. My EPS was getting code 16 which means that the redundant steering torque sensors are reporting different values to the EPS computer. There was no belly panel and there is evidence of water reaching into this area.

I have done extensive troubleshooting and confirmed that it is not the EPS computer, the harness, the connector, or anything else, but the sensor itself.

The module is part of the steering rack and is not available separately, and cannot be accessed without replacing the rack, which will throw off the steering alignment and toe-in, at a minimum. Obviously this is a major repair. Functional power steering is required to pass a safety inspection in many states.

A good reason to make sure you have intact belly panels.
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