So selling my much much loved Insight as I just don't have time or need to get her back on the road. I've been the happy owner for 5 years in which time I've added over 110,000 miles of fault free driving to the clocks (shes on ~267,000 miles now).

Good bits

Engine runs sweet as a nut, always provided her with correct Honda Hybrid oil + Honda filter every 10,000 miles
No knocks or bangs from the suspension or engine bay
Paint work generally in good order but has some lacquer peal/bubbles in places and a dent (we'll come to this)
Still easily returns 70mpg at motorway speeds or over 100mpg when on country roads. Lifetime MPG is 78!
Comes with a few hard to find spares (spare front prop shaft and inner and outer CV, Aux belt, Rear exhaust section)
Hybrid battery charger professionally installed as main battery now trips the IMA light every couple of weeks. Looks like it was warranty replaced just before the warranty expired but that was long long ago now.
Dry garaged most of it's life
Loads of receipts and documentation + 2 original keys and fob

Less good bits

Dent in drivers door provided by a hit and run in a car park (see pictures)
One rear spat is damaged
Interior needs a good clean
Exhaust blowing (comes with a brand new rear exhaust)
Passenger wing mirror glass missing
Driver side wing mirror glass wobbly
AC non functional (Condenser full of holes)
Tyres are down to 3mm
One wheel curbed, one wheel marked
One front caliper is a bit sticky
2nd gear is happy going up the gears but less happy coming back down

MOT fails

Blowing exhaust
Crack in drivers side windscreen
Permanent engine warning light (thought it was EGR but new one hasn't fix it though much less hesitation!)

Any questions please ask but she'll need to be trailered away due to the missing MOT. She starts and drives fine however.