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Mobil Gasoline MPG Problem?

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Just wondering if anyone else has had problems with Mobil regular grade gas. A few weeks back I filled up at a local Mobil station and after about 20 miles I noticed an extreme drop in power and difficulty keeping my MPG up above 50 while maintaining speeds above 35mph.

Passing it off as a fluke I shuffled it off to the back of my mind.

This week I refilled at the same station and again, after about 20 miles the same thing is happening. I have been fighting to keep the mpg up above 45 and at the same time drive above 35mph. Not to say that I cant drive over 35, just that when I do the MPG drops to 40 or lower.

I normally get about 60 mpg. My driving habits have not changed. Yes, the station is the same so it could just be that particular one - I have nothing against Mobil at all.

I'm open to suggestions.