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Modding my insight.... would appreciate everyones oppinions

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I am modding my honda insight.... And would like to get some feedback on everyones opinions... Only thing that is different is I have 5% tint on all my windows except the front windshield... Of course these are small mods, but these are all I need opinions on... the rest of mods dont require opinions.

2nd is the oil cap either blue or silver...

Since the picture above is basically the same thing I would everyones opinion on the brake reservoir cover(silver or blue).

Next mod is the dipstick... once again silver, or blue....

I am still deciding on if I want to change the brake handle, and the transmission handle.
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Pedal covers - silver - so they look like natural aluminum
Brake resorvoir - red - for stop?
Power steering cover - Insights have electric power steering not hydraulic so you don't have a power steering cover!
Oil dipstick - Can't decide on color- how about stay with OEM because it's very lightweight.

Hope that helps.
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