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I don't know if it is possible, but could you modify an Insight to become a convertable, just a question, because I think it would be totally awesome. The Insight reminds me of a Toyota MR2, which is a convertable and that is a nice looking car, but i'm looking for a hybrid and there isn't a convertable in the market. So I was thinking that it might be possible to modify the Insight
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The model I have is a Hollandia Stratus 300

It was put in by the previous owner, but I love it - especially the auto-close when the key is turned off, plus the one button full pop or 2nd button to full open (or up/down for anywhere in between - but I never use them except to reset the 1/2 buttons when I reset the 12v).

Add the built in sunshade (a requirement here in Texas) and I'm quite happy with it - especially this time of the year.
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