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My new red 5sp. Insight 03-781 finally arrived on April 14, 3 months after I ordered it on Jan. 15. When I took delivery it had 9 miles on the odometer and some minor body damage on the driver's door, since repaired. Right now I have about 900 miles on it, with a lifetime mpg of 65. I follow the upshift arrow and drive it like I have a thin shelled egg between my foot and the accelerator pedal.

Thanks to all the generous folks out there who have given me such great info. on mods. My list of mods. so far are:

1. 3" spto/convex mirrors on the inside lower corners of both side mirrors. These cover the blind spots very well.

2. Rubber Queen Protecta floor mats in black, p.n 6548. They fit perfectly and have aggressive spikes on the bottom that make them stick like glue to factory carpet. I skipped the Honda mats--saves $$ and weight and are easy to remove to vacuum.

3. Spectra NoScuff heel and carpet protector in black as a left foot rest to keep from wearing a hole in the carpet. I removed the supplied velcro from the back and swapped the male part onto the back of the protector. This makes it stick like glue and is easy to remove/replace.

4. J.C Whitney GaragePro center arm rest in black. I used the black metal mounting flanges that came with it. The rear hole in the flanges line up perfectly with the rear screws that affix the gray plastic parking break cover. I used 2" long pieces of black 3M velcro to mount the front sides of the flanges to either side of the parking brake cover. The bottoms of the flanges rest on the floor and make for a solid mount. I slid the armrest as far forward as it would go and my right hand can move the shifter comfortably. The mounting position is high, but this allows the storage compartment in the rear of the parking brake cover to be used. Also this method does not alter the car.

5. Before the recent post on the Pioneer TS-G1647 speakers, I had purchased a set from Crutchfield and installed them in the doors. I cut off the Honda plug, and used 18- 22 ga. butt connectors to connect the wiring harness that came with the speakers. They sound great and are very compatible with the low power factory deck.

6. The big coupe for me was the AOI Electrical, Inc. airbag switch (model US-1, passenger) that I installed myself this weekend. (See my post on the General Discussion Forum.) I removed the glove box and radio trim plastic to gain access. The hardest part was finding enough slack in the airbag wiring before the airbag plug to splice the airbag switch wiring into. I made the power connection for the LED's on the yellow (positive) wire of the power point (ignition key controlled) and the neg. (ground) to the bolt directly below the airbag plug. Cable tied all the wiring with strain relief (aircraft wiring trick) to keep wires from rattling aroung and breaking in the future. I installed the actual switch box on the lower front of the radio trim plastic, just to the left of the glove box. Looks like a factory installation, and took only several hours. My 4 year old son loves the ride from the front seat in "Daddy's new red car"!!

No more mods. for now. I want to learn how to drive the car for max. mpg. and have as much as possible with it.

Best regards,
Holliday Obrecht
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