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More Stingy with Assist

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A while ago I posted a thread on the woes I've been having with the IMA. It's been very conservative on assist but very aggressive with charging. The battery guage, however, is usually completely full, rarely dipping down into the "normal" one-bar-from-full reading.

I'm getting only partial assist under hard acceleration, and 3-5 bars of charging under normal cruising. The constant charging is having a very detrimental effect on the mileage.

This problem presented itself after my first recal. (Though the car has probrably had recals before, I bought it used.) The BCM reset aggravated the problem to it's current state. Neither the IMA nor the check engine light is lit, so I'm assuming that the computer has not detected any fault.

I have a scheduled maintainance coming up in 2500 kilometers, so my current plan is to see if that turns up anything. However, since the IMA and check engine light are not on I assume that the car is passing it's diagnostics, hence the service might not turn up anything.

Any advice?
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Interestingly, the problem appears to have fixed itself (knock on wood) after sitting for a few hours in my friend's magical garage. The IMA works perfectly again, a flat rear tire that wouldn't hold air now holds air, and the 12V starter now turns the engine over faster in extreme cold than it did when I got the car! I'm not sure how his garage recieved such amazing properties, (maybe it's over an ancient burial ground? :wink:) but I'm very happy to have the power and mileage back.
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