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most miles

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Who has the most miles on their Insight?
I bought mine two months ago and have almost 10,000 miles on it.
How long do these things last?
It's a blast to drive and I find it comfortable on long trips.
I'm extremely satisified with it and am waiting for an 04 five speed.
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Excellent question.

My 2000 5-speed has 50,000 miles and is holding up well.

My 1988 CRX HF lasted twelve years, 250,000 miles.

I'd like to expand this to who has had the most miles on any car? To my knowledge only Mercedes and Volvo have cars driven over a million miles.
My Insight has 53000. The Insight replaced a 1988 Chevy Sprint (a three cylinder car) that I drove for ten years. My doughter is now driving it and it is pushing 300000.
My chevy silverado one ton dually 454 had 227,000 miles on it and no major repairs. Traded it for a new one (diesel). I looked at the Insight for the milage bought it for the fun and comfort of driving it.
If you check the MPG database on this site, it also lists people's total mileage. On that page "Larry & Barb Jensen" have posteed 146k miles as of 5-2003.

I think you can expect the Insight to last like most Hondas. Many many many miles.
I have seen several come through delaer auctions with close to or 100K miles or so. There was one locally I looked at that had 75K on it. Everything mechanical seemed to actually work properly still from what I could determine. Although you could tell the engine wouldn't have been hurt at all by a tune up and valve adjustment. Then again this was a car that literally had a hole in the carpet on the drivers floor from a lack of floor mats as well as cigarette burns in the seats and the obviously used spare tire just sitting in the back of the car with some cheap looking 195 tires mounted all around. No wounder the LMPG was 45. Still it held up.
Our first Honda we sold in Germany with 125,000 in 4 years. Only reason we sold it was that we were told to remove the catalytic converter before shipping it.

Just sold our second Honda, civic Wagon, with 234,000 miles on it. The last 5 years it wasn't driven much, just used as a secondary car. Just replaced it last week with a new (as in still on the dealer's lot) 2003 5-speed. Expect it will do just as well in the longevity department.
According to the Guiness Book of World Records, a man in New Jersey has had a Volvo since 1966 and driven it for two million miles. If I recall the picture in Popular Mechanics, it was smaller than the typical Volvo - Civic sized.
re volvo

it is a P1800 a very cool car looking Volvo ever a Studebaker Hawk
Lets see, if the car that gentleman drove had been an Insight averaging 70 miles per gallon he would have used 28,571 gallons and spent $51,428.00 for gas at $1.80 per gallon. If it had been a Hummer at 11 miles to the gallon he would have spent $327,730.00 or roughly the cost of 16 Insights or 1 Ferrari. :shock:

The average North American car achieves 21MPG Whereas the Insight 5 speed achieves about 70 MPG. Therefore the average North American who drives an Insight for 335,000 miles pays for their car in gas savings. At 146,000 miles, the Jensens have already saved half the cost of their Insight. 8)
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