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It's hard to explain, exactly, but I'm finding that after the gradual accelleration on the freeway, I have to give my Insight quite a bit of gas just to keep it over 50 mph. What I've noticed during moderate traffic is that I'll be metering the FCD over 50 MPG and then would notice the speedometer registering 47mph (dangerous in a 60!).

So if I step on the gas and kick in the assist the car comes up around 60-63mph, but if I don't "hold" it there, with the FCD around 25 MPG or less, it may drop again. I didn't use to have to do this; on the same route once I got up past 60 on the onramp it wasn't much to stay in that speed range with fuel consumption at 75-100 mpg in "cruising" mode.

Only differences lately are that I just put in a nearly-full tank of Shell gas instead of Chevron (quit going there after noticing they were selling LAF bracelet knockoffs) after getitng the "low gas" light for the first time since owning the car, and the past couple of weeks I've been driving a little less. Also, around the same time I've started having problems with my CD player, but that's likely a coincidence.

I've just started watching the tachnometer since it "feels" like a gear selection problem, except I can't feel the shifts. Wish I'd been watching it more before now at freeways speeds.

A long shot, I know--ring a bell with anyone? No big weather changes, it's been pretty mild here. TIA!
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