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MPG Bumper Sticker seen -- 61.5 mpg

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Hello All, I saw a bumper sticker on a red Insight today on Route 2 in MA
-- 61.5 mpg.
Was this anyone from this forum? I wonder what reaction it gets from the SUVs?
--Walter (thinking of getting a hybrid)
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I was a silver Insight parked in the herd of cars at Fry's electronics once, he had a bumper sticker that said something to the effect of keep your oil 70 mpg. I would just note that he had about 10 door dents on each side of the car (probably the worst shape Insight I've ever seen on the exterior anyways).

I put an Insight Central card in his door sill, haven't heard from him.

I personally considered getting "Gas is Cheap" made for my rear window, but that would deffinitely be an invite for a good keying.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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