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MPG Bumper Sticker seen -- 61.5 mpg

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Hello All, I saw a bumper sticker on a red Insight today on Route 2 in MA
-- 61.5 mpg.
Was this anyone from this forum? I wonder what reaction it gets from the SUVs?
--Walter (thinking of getting a hybrid)
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Hi Walter,

I can tell you what the SUV owners have to say about that bumper sticker :evil: .

I think you will find this interesting after reading that you have a Civic. I own a 2005 Honda Civic EX SE Sedan W/Auto Trans. and just did a road trip to Ky. from Franklin, TN. and the car got 48.6MPG at 65MPH with the cruise control set and not passing vehicles on the trip there. Also I only used the A/C on and off to cool the interior down so it was not scorching inside.
I am looking to possibly purchase a 2006 Honda Insight W/Manual Trans. and A/C on it.

Last part of this year when they are released:


PS Forgot to mention Civic is only a month old and has 2300 miles on it when I did road trip to KY. Not-Bad-Hugh?? :?:
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Rick said:
I was a silver Insight parked in the herd of cars at Fry's electronics once, he had a bumper sticker that said something to the effect of keep your oil 70 mpg. I would just note that he had about 10 door dents on each side of the car (probably the worst shape Insight I've ever seen on the exterior anyways).

I put an Insight Central card in his door sill, haven't heard from him.

I personally considered getting "Gas is Cheap" made for my rear window, but that would deffinitely be an invite for a good keying.
I hope that anyone that reads your posting on this thread that owns a Insight pays really close attention to what you said because I can assure you that the "Higher" that gas goes the meaner people are going to be to those that are driving the Hybrids. If one wants to keep their Insight looking new and unblemished they (In-My-Opinion) better think twice before doing the bumper sticker thing and rubbing it in on the SUV drivers that are already with and attitude because of the gas prices to start with without any additional provocation from Hybrid owners.
Lets face it, one can always "Smile" to themselves when they pass by the gas stations and there sits a line of SUVs getting 25-30 gallons of fuel at a time. :)

sunhunter said:
That was me. The sticker has small type on the first line and LARGE type on the second line.
1) 55,000 MILE AVG
2) 61.5 MPG

I only got 55.something mpg on my 260 mile trip today, but about a third of it was going 90 mph or higher.

I'm not to worried about my sticker making people mad.
:) sunhunter, Could-Be !!!! :)

Walter said:
I suppose most drivers don't know what mpg is possible, so the bumper sticker educates them a bit.
Sunhunter: 55 mpg is great at any speed. You were going faster than me and my impression was that you were driving smoothly.
Terry: " the car got 48.6MPG at 65MPH" That's very good for a regular Civic; my car Civic HX should theoretically be better, but I've never done that well. I'll have to work on it -- next step increase tire pressure.
All: Have any of you considered giving a driving course on Fuel Efficient driving?
:arrow: Walter, I could have been a little more exact in how the (Plain-Civic) got 48.6MPG. Like I tried never to pass anyone on that trip, minimum use of A/C, Just cycled it on and off, Tire pressure was increased, Planned trip so as to stay on level interstate with minimum of steep hills/grades, drove further but got alot better MPG because of the planned route. I really just did it to see what would the Civic get in FE if I really tried to increase the MPG.

The reason is I am looking into the purchase of the Honda Insight and wanted to find out if there was a (Big) difference in FE between the two vehicles. :)

Your Vehicle???

scottinmt said:
I agree that most people don't understand the fuel economy that is possible in a hybrid, the folks I work with were completely amazed when I told them that I accomplished 610 miles and 60.3 mpg on my first tank of gas.

Since I increased the air pressure in my tires to 45, changed a very dirty air cleaner, and changed the oil to 0W-20 I've been averaging 64mpg on my current tank (same conditions as before.)
:arrow: Scott, I know you probably have said and I have over looked it but your vehicle is a "What" :?:

Terry :)
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