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Immediately after my local Honda service replaced 2nd and 3rd O2 Sensors on my 178K 05 MT as part of a used car purchase due to P0138 + P1130 codes, my 45 miles all freeway commute MPG dropped from 72 MPG to 60 MPG before Check Engine light had came on. I have noticed now it hardly goes into Lean Burn on the freeway. Two months prior to this event, the out of state Honda dealership l purchased it from completely serviced it as part of the purchase agreement with new fluids, filters, spark plugs, valve adjustment, and cleaned the EGR. This one owner G1 had 64.8 lifetime MPG when I purchased it in late April with 176K and is stock with all the belly panels and has a clean CARFAX with VIN numbers on every panels including front and rear bumpers. In 2014 at 152K dealer put a Honda $2,200 IMA including tax which G1 owner paid for. IMA discharges/charges fine. It is always at 19 bars, drops two bars when used and immediately puts it back into IMA. I have put Ethonal free gas and ran it in 3rd gear at 3,500+ RPM for 15+ minutes just in case CAT needed cleaning. No change to getting LB at highway speeds. It has been driven 1000 miles since O2 Sensors were replaced and no change. Honda Service used the correct part number according to MajesticHonda parts catalog and OBDII doesn't show any codes. My local dealership is not familiar with G1's and doesn't know why. I need G1 community help. Thanks and hope to meet some of you at InsightFest 2017 in a few weeks. Steve
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