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Running it hard

Puts enough heat in the cat to allow it to work. Our cars use such a tiny amount of fuel, especially in cold weather, and when used in "short trip" non highway in town use, the cats never ger hot enough to purge the contaminates (burn them up). This is not the same as a nox purge, by the way.

Runnimng it with a high throttle setting and rpm's will "blow torch" effect the cells in the cat, and either clean them up (or melt it down). Unless its totally blocked (like mine was) and not able to pass enough exhaust to reach redline or accellerate properly, it SHOULD clean out.
The "pass smog" additive really does clean out the cats when used as directed, (and can make a car pass smog that was fairly close to [passing but failed), friends using it have told me.

The o2 (expensive one with multiple wires) is usually fouled/ruined when the fouling is bad enough to clog the cat.The code will be for a bad o2 sensor, which is another approx $200.00 f I remember correctly.

ANyway good luck, and Get the car exhaust hot as possible.

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Lots of hills and mountains around here, luckily I don't live in the city so I don't have to deal with those crazy hills.

With the insight is it best to be in the proper gear for power from the gas engine (ie up a hill I usually need to be in 2ed to have throttle response) or should I be in one gear up and gas pedal to the floor so it uses the assist? When I seem to always be in the proper gear for gas engine and throttle response (usually shifting 2-2.5k rpm) my battery level charge doesn't change much as all.

Unfortunately I need the defroster just about every morning, I don't like not being able to see out the front window! Maybe rolling down the window will help a little. Once the car is warmed up enough for auto stops I turn off the AC system completely so it can stop and start again (I find pressing the econ button when I have defroster on doesn't let me turn off the car as easy).

I set tires 2 weeks ago to 40 psi all around, planning to go higher soon, just wanted to do it in small increments so I can feel the differences. Car had 20 psi all around when I bought it! It is a pain trying to air up the rear tires though.

I know all about fuel cutoff and what not. Still need to learn Lean burn but I need to figure out how to show that on my Scan guage II. I like when the engine is warmed up to break a little harder before I know I have to stop the the autostop turns engine off and I coast. Is that the same as engine off coasting? When I first started hypermilling and people talked about turning off engine on downhills I tried it and freaked up because my breaks stopped working and I needed to slow down before curve...not sure if I trust doing that again!
I read recently to put cat litter in a sock(dont know which brand) and put sock on dash. The litter will help pull moisture in air and reduce the windshield fogging. I never tried it, just read about it. If you try it and it works, spread the word. Many members in the north.
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