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Reads like he's overlooked regen on decel.

"Disconnect" the wheels from the engine and the IMA motor doesn't have any deceleration "energy" available to recover. You've gotta know that the IMA motor is coupled to the engine with the clutch being in between the IMA motor and the transmission. The conventional approach of "power" decoupled by the clutch from the transmission.

Honda could have done it slightly differently and in theory allowing for a 100% electric only mode. But it would require an additional unique electronic control for the IMA motor to prevent any loading of the gear sets if trying to shift and the IMA system being in either assist or regen. Essentially an electronic "clutch" of the electric motor. Gear sets under load don't want to release easily and won't engage at all. Nor is the system designed to "take" the extra load of an electric only mode.

If you ponder the operational differences between what your hubby would like vs. how it is I think you can foresee some other "quirks" that don't have as elegant a solution as the current system does. (I've not attempted to explain the few the above introduces)

It also reads that his right foot is heavy. :p

HTH! :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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