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MT & Battery Charging

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My science hubby wants to know how letting the Insight slow down in gear (foot OFF clutch) enhances regenerative braking? He says this is counter-intuitive to the way he usually drives a manual.

"Experimentally" he knows it is true, because when he keeps the car in gear as long as possible the battery charge stays high. When he drives the other way, the battery charge plummets.

I printed out the IC FAQ-efficiency tip "Maximize Regenerative Braking" but if there is a diagram or picture anywhere showing how the brakes, the transmission and battery work together, that would be just the thing.

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Thanks all for the info.

Your posts plus a diagram found on the IC Encyclopedia "IMA Motor" kept David busy most of the afternoon. He said he understands the electric motor-clutch connection better now...but it's complicated with still a few mysteries.

David said the guys who figured out this IMA business are just plain brilliant.
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