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Murphy's Law, the Insight version

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So what do you think the chances are that:

Every single time I think to check my air pressure, or even look at my rear wheels, not one but BOTH tire valves are up under the skirts?

About 1/2 of the wheel is showing, so probability would dictate that nearly all the time, at least one valve should be below the skirt. But OHHHH NOOOOOO, not for me!


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Then he wold be like me. I never had both stems visible. Not once in 4 years (almost)
And I though that they used the same technology of the Klingons in Star Treck:
They are cloaked and appears when they see it fit, being after turning the wheel by half a turn or so.
No No No!!! That was good French and good roulette idea.
1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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